U&M Mineração e Construção  S/A is a mining contractor and heavy-construction company, certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, since 1975 in the market offering earthworks, implementation and operation of mines and material handling services. Our extensive experience in works of this nature in remote areas, together with a lean and well-trained team and a fleet of modern vehicles, ensures efficiency, safety and quality when performing contracts.

Due to its simple and flexible working methods, U&M differentiates itself in the market, adapting easily to the customers’ needs.

The fleet of 120, 250 and 550 tonnes hydraulic excavators, 100 tonnes class dozers and 100, 200 and 300 tonnes class mining trucks make U&M the only contractor operating in Brazil offering specific solutions for the mining sector. Our fleet, comprised of extra-heavy aand support equipment, consists of more than 600 machines and enables U&M to handle over 30 million tons of material per month. This structure, combined with effective planning and a strong safety and quality concepts, respecting the environment, is our solution for the implementation and operation of open-pit mines, no matter the type of deposit or material being mined.

With agility, speed and efficiency, U&M combines its experience with modernity, investing in cutting-edge technologies and an advanced business management system. All operating units are connected online, even at the most remote areas, allowing us to take a fast decision-making approach in all matters.

To support operations, U&M counts on its efficient logistics, which ensure precision and agility while transporting equipment, parts and other goods, in strict compliance with deadlines. We are committed to the customer, who receives special attention through personalized management, focused on meeting their specific needs.


All U&M units are committed to work safety, to the preservation of physical integrity and health of employees, extending it to the families and the community. We work with a spirit of prevention, seeking to anticipate, recognize, assess and control risks. The results and processes meet international safety standards and we are OISO 45001 certified.

The inclusive work environment at U&M encourages employees to propose measures for the company to plan and implement even more efficient health and safety policies, improving the quality of life of all involved.

Our History

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Best company in the world in our segment


A very well selected team that likes to work hard for excellence.


1- Safety first. 2- We work with clients and not for clients, adding value to their production chain. 3- Humility to always perceive and act on opportunities for improvement. 4- Leadership by example more than words. 5- Leaders evaluated by the quality of their team and the leaders they form. 6- Radically simplified administrative structure, thanks to simple processes and ownership attitudes. 7- We seek sustainable profit, the greatest expression of excellence, to share, reinvest and perpetuate ourselves. 8- We don’t take shortcuts. Focused and persistent work is the best way to get there. 9- Other differentials: agility, simplicity, cost, reliability, focus, scale and commitment.

Integrated certification system policy:

U&M, a company specialized in large movements of soils and stones, is committed to the continuous improvement of its processes and services through the actions of its Integrated Certification System, taking into account the following items:
1- Ensure compliance with the requirements of the client and other interested parties, as well as legal and other requirements applicable to the business;
2- Ensure operational and technological efficiency in services and equipment;
3- Protect the environment, avoiding pollution and other environmental aspects and impacts;
4- Maintain the physical and mental integrity of all workers;
5- Encourage the participation and consultation of workers, in the implementation of practices that eliminate hazards and reduce risks to health and safety at work, preventing injuries and illnesses.
Matias Barbosa, November 2019 Sérgio Ribeiro Machado (CEO)


  • (Português do Brasil) IDF Vale 2011
  • Bureau Veritas
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  • PMQ