Exposibram 2019

16 de October de 2020

Regarded as one of the largest mining exhibitions in Latin America, EXPOSIBRAM brought together in one place hundreds of entrepreneurs, government representatives, people linked to the mining sector and visitors. The event was held from 9 to 12 September in Belo Horizonte (MG).

“In addition to the U&M booth being a success – showcasing the largest truck at Exposibram and beside that, autonomous – the mood of optimism among all participants was contagious. A good opportunity to get a feel of the market and growth perspectives for the mining sector in the country, which should continue to advance along with political and economic reforms in Brazil, encouraging the entry of new investments, new projects and new opportunities for the company.” said Mauricio Casara U&M Commercial Director

“U&M’s presence at Exposibram 2019 was surrounded by a lot of interest regarding our autonomous mining truck project. Managers and directors of the major mining companies showed great interest in the project and admiration for U&M, reinforcing our reputation for service quality, boldness and innovation in the market. Our booth was always full and compliments were countless, giving us the delicious feeling of recognition for our work. ” said Luiz Felipe U&M Maintenance Director.

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