Pioneer EX 5500-6 repower with MTU engines

16 de October de 2020

The first Hitachi EX 5500-6 excavator in the world to be repowered with two 12V4000 MTU engines went into operation in June 2019 at the Sossego mine in Brazil.

With great commitment from U&M team (Central, UMYA and UMSS) and support from MTU (Brazil and USA) it was possible to install the engines and connect them to the Hitachi control system, forming a set that promises great results.

In this pioneering repowering an important improvement was made, the equalization of engine loads with the installation of frequency converter modules, optimizing the load balance between the two engines with great efficiency, becoming standard for all U&M machines repowered with MTU engines from now on.

This is U&M, researching, innovating and solving problems with technique, professionalism and competence. Congratulations to all!


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